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Tracey B. 5

Feedback: We LOVE Dr. Singer and his staff. Dr. Singer is a true tooth artistic. Our daughter had severe issues & not smiled a toothy grin for several years. Her self esteem was starting to suffer as well. Another orthodontist we consulted prior to finding Dr. Singer advised my daughter's jaw may need to be broken due to her narrow jaw. Dr. Singer was able to align her teeth beautifully. She even had a tooth on the roof of her mouth that was never pulled. Dr. Singer is meticulous and his work shows it. He was able to align the tooth on the roof of her mouth again without any surgery. She looks fabulous & her smile is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our other daughter is a patient also & her braces will be removed this next week. We are so glad we found Dr. Singer & cannot praise him and his staff enough for their kindness & everything they do!!!! I recommend to everyone I know.

Sejai S. 5

Feedback: my daughter's treatment, I always had great experience. Communication while making appointments and her treatment was excellent. I had no trouble or problems with the team. They were always kind and helpful.The activities that were organized by their staff were fun for the kids.The office is nicely decorated with Dr. Singer's paintings. And when the seasons change so does his office. I loved it.

Dancy G. 5

Feedback: 12 year old daughter had A LOT of work to be done with her teeth and had some anxiety about the whole process. As a parent, I was very pleased with the dedication, attentiveness and professionalism of the orthodontic team. Dr. Singer, Carlos, Katie, Juliana and Sheryl made the whole process very smooth for my daughter, who was very fearful at first. Each of them are amazing in their own way.Dr. Singer even closed the process with balloons and a song, making my daughter feel VERY special. This was a unique experience!

Adrian R. 5

Feedback: Everyone there is hard working and very polite. I feel welcome every time I walk through their door and I always leave with a smile (that they did a very good job fixing)!

Meredith M. 5

Feedback: Dr. Singer and his office is WONDERFUL!! Always informative and accomodating. The entire staff is an absolute pleasure to deal with. My daughter's braces treatment was a long three year process and I couldn't be more happier with the service I was provided.

Rachel C. 5

Feedback: Phenomenal service from start to finish! From the minute you walk into the office, you are greeted with friendly faces. I used Dr. Singer 25 years ago for my braces and I couldn't have seen myself using anyone else for my kids!!

Danielle B. 5


Alexandra M. 5

Feedback: The most professional well organize and friendly medical office I have ever been in.

Shawn B. 5

Feedback: Both of my daughters see Dr. Singer for full mouth braces. Dr. Singer and the entire staff are amazing!!!

Chey S. 5

Feedback: Throughout the years I spent going to Singer Orthodontics, I have always felt secure in good hands. From the aesthetically pleasing office to the wonderful employees, my experience can best be described as pleasant. Being a graduate, I look back with thankful eyes and a beautiful smile.

Emilie S. 5

Feedback: Dr. Singer and his staff are the best!! They are very professional and great with kids. The office is fun and entertaining and his staff are amazing. My kids love to come to their appointments.

Randall H. 5

Feedback: Great office, fantastic staff, and friendly doc! Will definitely use again for my son!

Liz W. 5

Feedback: Dr. Singer and his entire staff are THE BEST! My son's teeth look amazing! We never had any scheduling issues and they never made us wait. Dr. Singer was highly recommended by our dentist! What a great experience!

Adolfo F. 5

Feedback: Dr. Singer and his staff have made my orthodontic experience amazing. His work is very thorough and everyone in the office is very friendly. I have never had to wait more than 10 min to be seen! Highly recommended orthodontic office! I love my new smile

Irving K. 5

Feedback:visit to this office turned out to be a wonderful surprise

The staff could not be nicer, going out of their way to great me with a smile, taking the time to explain everything, helping me make decisions without any pressure... just simply experts at being lovely.

The office is like none I have ever seen. First, you are greeted by a huge, beautiful saltwater aquarium with unique exotic fish. The, you are surrounded by art masterpieces from around the world, expertly painted by the doctor himself, TVs at every chair, in every room (even in the bathroom), a whole room converted into a video arcade, snacks and coffee and the whole office set up in a surfing party motif, including a surfboard waiting beanch.

Dr Singer himself is a perfectionist. I was thrilled with the results 3 months ago but he persevered on (at no cost to me) until he was satisfied that everything was as best as it could be. He even serenaded me when we were finally done. He truly is a master of his craft and a wonderful individual.

Sidney I. 5

Feedback: Singer orthodontics is a marvelous office with a great staff team and a superb doctor. 10 out of 10 would recommend to everyone and everyone.

Marsha A. 5

Feedback: The customer service and staff go above and beyond! Dr. Singer called my daughter the first night she had her braces put on and it meant a great deal to us. Her teeth look perfect and she never complained about going! It was such a positive experience that my son is getting his braces at this office in two weeks! UPDATE my son has had braces for over a year and has had a great experience also! Getting them off soon and looks great! Highly recommend this office and staff!

Lisa V. 5

Feedback: I would give this business a 6th star if possible. Everything about this business is excellent. Dr. Singer makes every patient feel comfortable and does an amazing job with orthodontics.

Cristina G. 5

Feedback: Dr. Singer and his staff were great throughout the entire process. Julianna and Kaiti were super nice always trying to schedule me around my schedule. Highly recommend this office and staff!!

Sandy Z. 5

Feedback: he whole experience with Dr. Singer has been a awesome journey for my son. The office is always a friendly and pleasant to be at you always have a consultation at the end of the visit to make sure everything is on track. When my son had his braces off I could not believe how perfect his smile is and we are so happy how good he looks. Thank you Dr. Singer and staff you did a wonderful job in taking my son through the whole process.

Fran M. 5


Sonia 5

Feedback: My daughter had her braces off today, yeah! It was a awesome experience with Dr Singer & his orthodontic team. The staff is very pleasant, in addition the office is clean & very kids friendly. I had full braces with Dr Singer many years ago so when my kids needed braces I knew exactly where to go. Both my son & my daughter also had their braces done here. My son Nick & I always get compliment on our smile. I'm sure the same will happen for my daughter. After these many years Dr Singer you still got it. Cheers to the entire Singer team special thanks to Dr Singer, Cheryl, & Myra.

Claude 5

Feedback: The word uncomfortable is usally associated with anything in regards to dental perfection however I must say that I have never been more comfortable. I have felt more than welcome during each appointment and the timing of each appointment were very flexible and conveient. If I were to do the whole process over it would definitely be here. I am very happy with my results and will most definitely refer family and friends

Ming 5

Feedback: You can't ask for more at Dr. Singer's place. Professional, clean, warm, fun and best staffs you can think of to have. What more can you ask for? If you have to ask me one thing that I can pick on, that I think Dr. Singer and Dr. Carlos are too professional and fanatic about what they do. They don't care about their cost and time, they just want to make your teeth as perfect as they can. I had to beg them to take the braces off after 25 months, and I already paid for all the balance, they still wouldn't do it until they are sure that my teeth is well taken care of. Love them!

Susan 5

Feedback: My son has been going to Dr. Singer for the last couple of years and we have been so happy with him and his office. My son had braces for a little over a year and now he has a beautiful smile! I highly recommend Dr. Singer as he is very professional, friendly, and takes the time to answer any questions I may have. At one point, my husband had some questions regarding a permanent retainer and Dr. Singer called him at home and spoke to him at great length and answered all his questions. I really can't say enough good things about him. Also, his office is beautiful and immaculate. I've never seen such a gorgeous doctor's office before. Kati at the front desk is wonderful! She is so helpful and friendly - just a great person. Dr. Singer is very caring and I am so happy that we chose him as our orthodontist.

Brian 5

Feedback: Dr. Singer and staff have been courteous, professional, and accommodating throughout the entire process from consultation to retainer fitting. They are extremely organized and provide you with the information you need to be prepared for each visit. Dr. Singer goes out of his way for his patients to provide a level of service and comfort that is first class. Dr. Singer and staff provide a top level of service and expertise in the area of cleft palate orthodontics and I would recommend them to anyone I know looking for an orthodontist. I am very satisfied with Singer Smiles Orthodontics.

Heather 5

Feedback: Dr. Singer and his staff run a very professional office with a fun and clean facility. He is patient and talks to children at their level. My daughter has anxiety with any medical situation and the staff was very patient with her issues. The website has a great video on how to keep your teeth clean throughout the process. They reinforced this with my daughter, encouraging her to be responsible in taking care of her teeth. This would prevent her from ending up with white spots when the braces were removed. We had a great experience and will return when our next daughter is old enough for treatment.

Laura 5

Feedback: I absolutely LOVE my new smile! From the first consultation to the last retainer check, Dr. Singer and his staff members have been professional, courteous, understanding, accomodating and friendly. I was happy to learn that I could have braces BEHIND my teeth which was very exciting for me for vanity purposes and not to mention late appointments when available. There were no tasks too difficult for this office and all my dental issues were resolved. The office staff are caring and patient and the office itself is comfortable and inviting. I would not hesistate to reccomend this office to my friends and family and will likely bring my daughters here in a few years. On a side note, my husband and I appreciate the coffee, magazines and arcade readily available for our entertainment.

Rose 5

Feedback: Dr. Singer's office was excellent. The staff was always very supportive and effective. Most all Dr. Singer was always concerned about progress and deliverig quality care.

Ismary 5

Feedback: Dr. Singer and his staff members treats their patients as if they were in a four star Resort. Very professional, very courteous, and he takes his time to made sure you feel comfortable and that the the job is done right. Dr. Singer's experience shows, and I can attest of this after seeing my daughter, Ammie finished job. To say at least we are very elated with the final result. Don't miss Dr. Singer's art work, you'll be impressed.

Lexi S. 5

Feedback: Dr. Singer and his staff are very professional and talented!! My kids are always happy to come to their appointments. Not only do their teeth look amazing, but the office has delicious snacks and drinks, video games, movies, coloring contests, and gift card prizes!! We highly recommend Dr Jay Singer for your braces!

Sharon 5

Feedback: Dear Dr. Singer and staff, Bravo! You and your staff can take a deep bow!!! Thank you for straightening my teeth. I have received so many compliments already from your great work. The time went so fast and I always looked forward to my visits with your friendly staff. The professional care I was given was much appreciated. I found your office extremely comfortable and beautifully designed. I have already recommended you to friends and family looking for a "Awesome Orthodontist"

Yarimar 5

Feedback: Professional, dedicated to take care of the patient itself. Nice and comfortable office. Now my daughter is happy and has self confidence! With her new pretty smile. Thank you all!

Katie S. 5

Feedback: My son has been going to Dr. Singer for more than 5 years. He finally got his braces off and we are so sad that we will not be visiting every month. Dr. Singer and office staff are amazing, considerate, and extremely professional. I highly recommend this office. My son always felt at home xoxo

Karissa S. 5

Feedback: Dr.Singer's office is always a pleasure to visit. The office itself is extremely beautiful and the staff is so friendly and professional. It is always a great experience visiting and I would highly recommend this office to anyone who is considering orthodontics.

Scott W. 5

Feedback: We have had 2 children to have braces with Dr. Singer. He is very knowledgable in orthodontics and goes above that of others in his field. One night last year, my oldest son ( while wearing braces) was hit in the mouth with a baseball. His teeth were held in by the braces. When we called Dr. singer, he told us to go straight to his office. That night he carefully removed the old bent wires and replaced them. We were so grateful for his help and compassion to the situation. Dr. singer is hands down the best in the area.

Nikki K. 5

Feedback: Love the office! Dr. Singer is great at what he do! Friendly office staff. Clean office. Very affordable! I am happy I chose Dr. Singer as my orthodontist! I highly highly recommend this office!

Coach P. 5

Feedback: I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Singer and his staff! Our dentist recommended that we have a consultation with Dr Singer when my older daughter was in the 2nd grade (10 years ago) and we are so happy we did. He was very caring and made sure that we all understood the different treatments she would require. He sure knows what he is doing because her teeth are perfect! We were so happy with the results that we returned when younger daughter needed braces. Everyone in the office is very professional and caring. Kaiti goes above and beyond to help in any way she can. He made such an impression on our older daughter that next year when she goes to college she is going to study to be an Orthodontist just like Dr. Singer!!

Misty A. 5

Feedback: My daughter has seen Dr. Singer for over six months. The office staff is amazing. They call to remind you of appointment times, greet you kindly on arrival and spoil you while waiting. The office is decorated with amazing artistry done by Dr. Singer himself. My daughters smile and facial structure has already changed and improved significantly. I can hardly wait to see the final work. I highly recommend this office.

Jacob B. 5

Feedback: We have been seeing Dr. Singer for over a year and it has been a great experience. The office is beautiful and inviting. They have a big screen TV, lots of current magazines, a coffee/tea station, and even an amazing arcade room! We are always seen as soon as we arrive and they have been great about working around our school schedule. When we have had issues such as a bracket coming off, Dr. Singer works us in as soon as possible. I highly recommend Dr. Singer and his staff.

Jen C. 5

Feedback: My brother is in the "biz" (he's a periodontist) and recommended that I see Dr. Singer. Dr. Singer and his staff are amazing, friendly, courteous and most of all timely. I had interviewed a prior orthodontist before seeing Dr. Singer and that office was jammed pack with patients waiting and waiting. Dr. Singer's office is calm, relaxed and never a long wait. I was an adult patient and now my 12 year is old is treating with Dr. Singer. Make sure you consult with Dr. Singer before choosing your orthodontist. I guarantee Dr. Singer will be your choice

Nicholas W. 5

Feedback: I started going here, it has been an amazing experience, the employee's are very kind hearted and nice. Best Ortho hands down. The office is beautifully decorated and and clean, I have nothing negative to say about it, only posistive!